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Consulting, Design, Installation, Manufacturing and Reparation of Agribusiness Machinery







Brief overview of our company

In 1988, Panama born the first workshop dedicated to designing, manufacturing and assembly processes, machinery and spare parts for the food industry in Panama. Focused on economic solutions, efficient and short-term for different situations present in production processes. Tareymag, developed the ability to quickly identify the different needs of the domestic market.

Using the experience in design and process research, his team, decided to venture not only in agribusiness, but also in all economic sectors whose activities require processes that productivity depends on the efficiency of its mechanical parts

With over 25 years of experience,
Tareymag technical team is trained to research and development of production processes in line with domestic raw materials and conditions of the facilities in each industry.

It offers the competitive advantage of design according to both space limitations, infrastructure and client resources, coupled with reduced delivery times, affordability and personal and immediate attention is required in the current competitive market .

In short our philosophy as suppliers of equipment and machinery for the food industry is
"Adapt our range of equipment to the needs and capabilities of customers."

Distinctive features:
                  1. Latest technology.
                  2. First in the country in manufacturing, agro-machinery design.
                  3. Manufacturing methods under international quality standards.
                  4. Dated industrial equipment or machine clearly indicated.
                  5. Vehicles specially designed for efficient service to customers.

The variety of equipment and machinery Tareymag agribusiness is very wide, to meet the needs of each client.

Being a company who disseminate and promote the production processes in different areas of agro-industry of our country through our equipment and machinery, to contribute to agribusiness and industrial development. Working under a system of continuous quality improvement, human talent supported by modern technology and equipment that provide benefits to its shareholders, its employees and society in general.

Being a leader in the development of high socioeconomic impact projects, known for its agro-industrial machinery and equipment, quality of management that is recognized nationally and internationally, led by young entrepreneurs, which promotes cultural and economic development, being participants of globalization.


Altos de Tocumen,

1ra Calle Sur, Lote 17

Tel: 295-1308 / 291-3543

Fax: 295-2278

Email: tareymag@cwpanama.net